Nick Shroff, MD, FACS​, ERYT

Board Certified Urologist, Healthcare Consultant, Co-Founder & Chairman, Governing Board of the Integrated-Accountable care organization (ACO). He served as President of several local, regional, and national organizations, including President of the Indian American Urological Assoc, Chair of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) Charitable foundation 2102-14. He is a senior Yoga Alliance Teacher with over 4 decades experience in the Medical/Urology field and Lifestyle/Integrative Medicine. Expertly integrating his experiences and skill set with traditional, modern therapy, he embraces a combination of mindful breathing, nutrition, and holistic living, aimed at improving individuals’ health and well-being, particularly for cancer care.


Perinchery Narayan, MD, FACS

Over 35 years of experience in the Medical/ Urology field managing the entire spectrum of Prostate cancer and UroOncology. Chairman of Urology 1994-2001, U of Florida. Professor & Director of UroOncology, Chief of VA Medical Ctr, UCSF. AFUD scholar and Senior Research Fellow, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School. Has knowledge/experience in managing, credentialing, and helping Prostate cancer patients determine if they qualify for subsidized or urgent medical care.

Naveen Kella, MD

Over 15 years in clinical practice managing general urology and prostate cancer patients. Dr. Kella graduated with a fellowship from the Baylor School of Medicine in Robotic Oncology and Prostate Cancer. He has performed over 3000 robotic prostatectomy procedures, making him one of the world’s most experienced surgeons. He is interested in other ,prostate cancer approaches such as transurethral ultrasound ablation of the prostate (TULSA).  He is the founder and director of The Urology Place in San Antonio, TX.





Suvas Desai, MD, FACS:

Suvas Desai, MD, FACS: Over 40 years of experience in the Medical/Urology field. Previously was Assistant Professor of Surgery/ Urology at Univ of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington, Kentucky. Managed credentialing and helping Prostate cancer patients to determine if they qualify for subsidized medical care. Currently, Board Member of Kentucky Educational Television and its Non-profit Foundation. He has served as President of several local, regional and national organizations, including as President of AAPI.

Natver Jariwala, MD, MS, FRCS

Over 45 years of experience in the Medical/General Surgery field and Integrative Medicine. He is the Co-Founder & Emeritus Director of the National Bank of Andrews, TX. He is actively involved in several other non-profit Foundations. Has knowledge/experience in managing credentialing and helping Prostate cancer patients to determine if they qualify for subsidized or urgent medical care

Pradip Kansagra, MD, MS

Dr. Pradip KansagraDr. Kansagra is a retired urologist from Rajkot, India, residing in the USA. He is the founding managing trustee and Ex-Chairman of charitable BT Savani Kidney hospital in Rajkot which is recognized for postgraduate courses in urology and nephrology. He is the recipient of the  Presidential Award of the Indian American Doctors association (AAPI) in 2011 for exceptional leadership and community services. He has organized and attended more than 400 Medical/Urological camps for the underserved. He received Urological Service Gold Medal 2016 from India’s Urological Society (West Zone). He is the founder trustee of Dhamkot Vipassana center Rajkot. He earned  Yoga instructor/therapist from Swami Vivekananda university. He published the 5th edition of a kidney book in Gujarati and a book on Prostate diseases.

Ravi Jain, BSEE, MBA:
Over 31 years of experience in the High tech industry, working on Seismic Instrumentation and Avionics. More than 14 years in Financial Advisory and Startup companies.
Gerald Schuster:

Over 35 years of medical management experience, has worked with several Fortune 500 companies from account management to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He has experience in start-up ventures, acquisitions, and fundraising activities. As a patient advocate will discuss various treatment procedures with patients, nurses, medical staff, and Urologists. Can provide sales and marketing experience for the foundation.

Advisory Trustees:

Understanding our customers’ markets is crucial for forging and maintaining strong donor relationships. Advisory trustees help us gain insight into evolving markets, strategic planning, volume projections, growth drivers, and specific volume predictions for donor markets.

Alex Nagal