Living with Prostate Cancer

Where possible, select a physician who specializes not just in cancer but in the nuances of your specific type of prostate cancer. If you are newly diagnosed, start by consulting your diagnosing doctor, that is, the one who discovered your prostate cancer who may be an expert in the field, or they may refer you to another doctor.

Other factors to consider when selecting a doctor: Does your health insurance cover them? Are they analytical? Compassionate? “bedside manner” align that with your personality? Do they seem interested in making you a partner in this process? 

Don’t be afraid to shop around and get second or even third opinions. Be careful of random advice, e.g., “surgery is the best” or “radiation is the best” or “eat this herb, and your cancer will be cured.” For accurate information, use data on reputable websites and those that your doctor recommends.
Once committed, trust is vital, but continue to be your advocate: ask questions, do research, and remain curious.

There is no better time to learn more about your urologic health- because of your prostate matters!

The American Prostate Cancer  Foundation continues to bring you current and comprehensive education. Check out our free prostate health resources available for download on along with educational patient videos on various aspects of Prostate Cancer, and more.