We believe every Prostate Cancer patient should have access to knowledge.



Impact of the American Prostate Cancer Foundation


Improving Health the Holistic Way

The American Prostate Cancer Foundation (APCF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused on prostate cancer advocacy, research, and education. The organization supports both conventional and complementary medicine for cancer prevention and treatment. It is open to all institutions and individuals regardless of nationality, religion, or gender.

Vision: Support education and research to prevent and treat cancer, especially prostate cancer, through conventional and holistic integrative medicine.

Mission: APCF is driven to learn, practice, and disseminate its activities.

  • Support cancer treatment, primarily related to prostate cancer, to ensure optimized healing.
  • Financially supports initiatives that meet mission objectives. Fund institutions engaged in education and research on complementary and integrative modalities for cancer management.
  • Serve the community by promoting awareness and education in conventional, holistic, integrative medicine to prevent and treat prostate cancer.
  • Advocate cost-effective approaches to improve cancer management, enhancing the quality of life (QOL) during and after treatment.


    • Prevent prostate cancer by educating people to seek attention early
    • Empower cancer patients and survivors with access to evidence-based conventional and complementary treatments, such as yoga, holistic nutrition, and mind-body management
    • Improve the health and well-being of cancer patients based on a holistic and integrative approach
    • Augment the management of lifestyle modalities for cancer patients to enhance the quality of life (QOL) during and after cancer treatment
    • Support institutions engaged in education and research on complementary, integrative medicine to improve the care of cancer patients and survivors
    • Integrate lifestyle interventions and yoga into healthcare management, collaborating with other nonprofit organizations

APCF’s Pathway to Results: 

Yoga and other forms of complementary medicine help manage Prostate cancer. APCF is focused on ensuring their benefits are available to as many prostate cancer patients as possible and to reduce the incidence in those at risk. The benefit of yoga and other complementary practices is that they impact metabolic processes within our cells, leading to physiological resilience. 

Our formula for success continues to hinge on our outreach program, which is essential for reaching many more potential patients in local community centers. Our skilled team, board members, volunteers, and donors serve as an inspiring force. Through its emphasis on integrative healthcare, APCF expects to become a transformative organization for health and wellness, enabling the APCF to help more cancer patients. 

Our healthcare professionals educate, raise awareness, and support the implementation of Yoga/Ayurveda/Nutritional therapies as complementary and integrated approaches to preventing and combating cancer. This helps patients coordinate the various modalities available to them. These plans include lifestyle recommendations such as diet, herbs, exercise/yoga, mindfulness, and self-awareness techniques to improve health and quality of life through healthy daily choices.

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured - BKS Iyengar.

Activities & Funding:

  • Public advocacy: 
    • Educate and generate awareness about holistic therapies, including yoga and nutrition, as integrative cancer-management strategies
    • Participate in educational seminars and organize support groups
  • Fundraising: 
    • APCF accepts donations and contributions to fulfill its vision, mission, and purpose. In-kind gifts and services include volunteer time and activities.
    • Qualified and experienced individuals spearhead fundraising activities to enhance APCF's financial strength. These include contributions from board members, oncologists, urologists, patients, pharmaceutical companies, and other well-wishers
    • Donors do not receive goods or services in return other than goodwill and gratitude
    • We are committed to transparency and are registered with the Charity Navigator
  • Fund disbursement: Support organizations and universities in diagnosis education, research, and integrative oncology
  • Administrative overheads: The APCF Board of Directors and volunteers operate with less than 5% overhead. The initial focus is on Texas and Delaware, but plans are to serve more communities.

Digital Presence: https://amprostatecancerfdn.com/offers educational content on prostate cancer, including:

  • Information on prostate cancer diagnosis, management, and outcomes
  • Education on integrative medicine, yoga, and mind and body therapy for prostate cancer patients
  • Insights into holistic and complementary medicine, yoga, acceptable diet, and nutrition for preventing and managing patients with cancer
  • Guidance regarding integrative options for patients under active surveillance (watching closely) during the early stage of prostate cancer. Treatments that minimize side effects and preserve the quality of life