Promoting and Using What Works to Reduce Cancer

Promoting and Using What Works to Reduce Cancer This observance helps increase awareness about the impact of cancer and serves as a reminder for people to reduce their risk and join the mission to prevent and control cancer in various communities. Cancer control focuses on reducing the number of new cancer cases and deaths and… Continue reading Promoting and Using What Works to Reduce Cancer

Practice Prostate Care

Although the prostate is known to grow as men age with no known cause, there are some things you can do to care for your prostate. Current research suggests that eating fruits and vegetables more often may help, especially when they are rich in anti-oxidants. Additionally, frequent bathroom breaks can help to relieve pressure and… Continue reading Practice Prostate Care

Genetic testing

Up to 10% of patients with metastatic or advanced prostate cancer and 3% of patients with localized prostate cancer carry a disease-causing variant in a DNA repair gene and other genes conferring risk for hereditary cancer disorders. Invitaeā€™s Detect Hereditary Prostate Cancer is a sponsored, no-charge genetic testing program that uses the Invitae Multi-Cancer Panel.… Continue reading Genetic testing

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